Balhomish Loch

(Brown trout 1st April to 6th October)

Balhomish Loch Map


1. Fly Fishing only using conventional fly rod, reel, and line.
2. Only 1 guest allowed per outing. Guest must be accompanied at all times.
3. Maximum of 1 fish taken per rod. Minimum take able size 10 Inches.
4. Maximum of 2 persons allowed in boat, Plus 1 junior.
5. Any Grass carp caught to be returned unharmed.
6. Parking at designated area only.
7. No Litter, Fires, dogs or camping. Gates to be shut and properly respected.
8. Membership card and permit to be produced at the request of authorised personnel.
9. Any incident of pollution or suspicious behaviour must be reported immediately to the appropriate bodies.
10. Returns must be entered on your annual returns card.
11. Please lock the boat up upon your departure and leave the boat in the condition that you would wish to find.
12. Keys must be returned promptly to the permit outlet.