River Braan Beats

(Brown trout 15th March to 6th October) Fly fishing only

For the purpose of the sale of Permits, the River Braan is currently split into two beats, the Lower Braan beat 1, and the Upper Braan (beat 2) both of which are fully described in the maps below. But please note the following:-


    • The Town beat is actually part of the River Tay Dunkeld beat.  It consists of both banks from the confluence with the river Tay upstream to the A9 road bridge. Note:- Private water from the A9 road bridge to the top of Inver Mill Lade.


  • The Hermitage Beat is part of the Lower Braan Beat 1.  It consists of the left Bank from Inver Mill Lade to Hermitage Bridge. Right Bank from the Hermitage bridge down to the Forestry March.  Season Ends on September 30th.

Lower Beat

DBAA R.Braan Lower Beat updated 1 Jul 23

Lower beat restricted no fish area

OS map Restriction Braan Right bank north of Trochry (2)

Upper Beat

River Braan-Upper Beat map_-01