Butterstone Loch

( Rainbow trout 1st April to 31st October)

Butterstone Loch Information

Available to DBAA members and accompanied guests only.

Butterstone Loch Information

The committee would request that all members carefully read the information below to aid in the smooth running of this water.

As for all DBAA water, it is strongly recommended that anglers have their own personal insurance to cover themselves whilst partaking in angling activities and that life preservers are worn at all times on all waters.


There will be one permit type available for the whole season.  We hope the flexibility for start/finish times this allows within the full day session, especially during the summer, is attractive to members.

Charges are as follows:

Monday to Sunday Session

1st April – 31st October (inclusive)

Session: Day, 10am – Dusk or 10pm (whichever is soonest)

1 Man Boat: £20.00 - (2 fish retained limit)

2 Man Boat: £40.00 - (2 fish retained limit/member)

Junior* - Non DBAA**: £5.00 - (1 fish retained limit)

* must be under 16 and accompanied at all times by DBAA member.

**DBAA Junior members fish for free sharing adult DBAA members ticket/fish limit.

There will be 10, 2-man boats per day available for use  and boats may be booked in advance

NB: Cancellation of boat booking may be made up to 1 week prior to date of booking. Thereafter a charge of £15 will be required.