General rules

1.       Trout anglers must give way to Salmon anglers.

2.       All Trout under 10 inches and Salmon Parr must be immediately and carefully returned to the water.

3.       All catches, returns, including NIL returns MUST be notified to the Secretary by the 31st of October. Failure to comply may result in loss of membership. All Trophies must be handed back to the Secretary by the 31st of October.

4.       Members must carry their permit when fishing club waters. Permits must be produced if requested by Owners, Water Bailiffs, Police, DBAA Committee Members or any other duly authorised persons.  

5.     All gates to be shut and no damage done to property, crops, livestock or game. NB: NO fires to be lit. NO Dogs Allowed. NO Litter

6.       Renewals of membership fees are due on the 15th of January each year. A period of 1 month will be allowed for renewal; thereafter new members will be allocated memberships not renewed.

7.       Trout and Grayling. Fly Fishing only. No Spinning, bubble floats, fixed spool reels or fixed rods. Note: Line used for Grayling must be a maximum of 3lb breaking strain. Fixed spool or centre pin reels permitted only outwith Trout season.

8.       Balhomish Guests – Only 1 guest per member. Guests MUST be accompanied by that member. Floatation devices are available at the Spar shop.